Heart String Pallet Art

After last year’s Christmas gifts my brother made a request that I make gifts for him every year. This would be so much easier if I lived within driving distance. Trying to figure out a homemade gift that will travel well is hard.

I have wanted to try to make string art for a while now so I decided to combine that with staining pallet wood. I decided to try to stain my bother and sister-in-law’s wedding date in the center and weave a string art heart around it. Continue reading

Snowy Days in Oslo

We’ve have had to adapt to the snow once again. Oslo is a very outdoorsy city in the winter weather. It seem like everyone owns cross country skis. Even the children at the school across the street bring their skis to school.  I also find it amazing that the sidewalks and roads are almost always a sheet of ice and everyone seems to be able to walk on it without a problem. I am proud to say that I have only fell once… Alex on the other hand has lost count. Continue reading

DIY Baby Blocks

First of all I would like to apologize for the long break between posts. After the holiday season we had a whirlwind of activity with our move to Oslo, Norway!  We are now getting settled in our temporary housing so that I have some free time to post about all the Christmas gifts I have made for friends and family.  I will post more about our Norway move later this week. Continue reading