Snowy Days in Oslo

We’ve have had to adapt to the snow once again. Oslo is a very outdoorsy city in the winter weather. It seem like everyone owns cross country skis. Even the children at the school across the street bring their skis to school.  I also find it amazing that the sidewalks and roads are almost always a sheet of ice and everyone seems to be able to walk on it without a problem. I am proud to say that I have only fell once… Alex on the other hand has lost count. Continue reading

Kitchen Organization {Post 2}: Dog Treat Chalkboard Canisters

We have way too many dog treats for our dog. Yes, we do spoil her but she is so much happier when she has a large variety of flavors and types of treats.  We recently started subscribing to BarkBox, so Zoey now gets new treats every month. We keep her treats on the counter and my husband (who hates any kind of clutter) pointed out with the expansion of dog treats was not looking very presentable.
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Our new furry addition to the family

I wrote this a week ago but it took me awhile to get the photos together, so some of the info is out of date.

Introducing our new little ball of fluff: Zoey! She is ¾ Australian Shepard and ¼ lab. As of Saturday she was 8 weeks old (birthday is March 10, 2012). Here is a picture of her mom (30 pound, Australian Shepard) and dad (40 pound, ½ Australian Shepard & ½ Lab). Continue reading