Snowy Days in Oslo

We’ve have had to adapt to the snow once again. Oslo is a very outdoorsy city in the winter weather. It seem like everyone owns cross country skis. Even the children at the school across the street bring their skis to school.  I also find it amazing that the sidewalks and roads are almost always a sheet of ice and everyone seems to be able to walk on it without a problem. I am proud to say that I have only fell once… Alex on the other hand has lost count.

Zoey and I have taken countless walks over to Frogner Park. This park is famous for all its life size human statues all made from one artist. It was really funny the first time walk through the park with Zoey because she thought all the statues were real people and was afraid of them.

This park also has a large field dedicated as a dog park. It is so much different than dog parks in the US. There are no fences the dogs just run free and all the owner hope that they come back when called.

Zoey just loves being able to run free and roll in the snow!

This last weekend Alex and I went sledging (sledding) at Korketrekkeren (which translates to corkscrew).  It was lots of fun. We took the metro to the last stop were we rented a sledge. From there we took the almost mile long course to the bottom where there is another metro stop where we hopped on and took it back up to the top to take more trips down.

View from the top metro station.

View from were we stopped to have lunch on the sludge track. You can see downtown Oslo.

The course has crazy turns and steep falls off the sides. The sleds had the ability to be steered but no way to slow the sled down and steer at the same time. I only spun out once and Alex almost hit a wall once. Overall I think we did pretty good.

This track was originally used for a bobsleigh and luge course. It was actually used in the 1952 Winter Olympics for bobsled.

I think our next snow adventure is going to be cross country skiing… stay tuned.

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