The Amazing Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Hunt

This past weekend I went on an adventure with a few friends to cut down Christmas trees. Did you know you can cut down a Christmas tree from a national forest? All you need to do is get a $10 permit from the ranger’s station before heading up into the forest.

After getting our permits we drove our cars up into the mountain snow. I am so glad I was not driving!

Zoey and the other dogs playing in the snow.

Once we reached the recommended stopping point (the snow got too deep for cars) we continued our trek by foot. After about a half a mile hike up the road we climbed off the road and up into the trees.

Zoey laying next to our little tree before we cut it down.

These are not your typical Christmas trees that you would get from a tree lot. Because of the steep slopes they are growing on so one side of the tree tends to be a little thin on one side.

I ended up getting a Charlie Brown sized tree. I didn’t want to deal with a full sized tree while we are starting to pack for our big move.

Everyone standing next to there trees.

This tree ended up being perfect size! I used a circle vase and some river rocks (leftovers from our wedding) to hold the tree upright. I bought a tiny star and some ornaments from Target.  I also used a few ornaments from both my husband and my childhoods.

I love my little tree. It might be because this is my first Christmas tree outside of my parents’ home.

This was the perfect way to kick off the holiday season.

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