Disney Mediterranean Cruise: Naples (Pompeii), Italy {Cruise Day 6}

Going to Pompeii was one of my most anticipated stops on the trip. I had learned so much about this city and was very excited to visit it in person!

We decided to do this trip through Can’t Be Missed Tours. My mom had read about it in Rick Steves’ Mediterranean Cruise Ports. The company does give you a discount if you say that you heard about them through Rick Steves. I highly recommend their tour!

This day started off with the ship docking on land. I love when the ship docks on land, it makes things so much quicker. We made our way through the cruise port terminal and out the main entrance where we meet up with our tour guides. There was a group of about 30 of us from the Disney cruise going with this tour group.

They had two small bus / vans and two tour guides for our trip. It worked out perfect when they gave our family a bus of our own (we had 12 people in our group).

This was a full day tour. They got us back just in time to get back to the ship before it left port. The first part of the day we spent riding up the Amalfi Coast while our tour guide gave us a tons of history about the area and taught us a little bit of Italian. He was a very personable, fun guy. Continue reading

Disney Mediterranean Cruise: Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy {Cruise Day 5}

I have to start this post off by saying this was not my first time to Rome. I had spent a summer backpacking in Europe during college and this was one of my stops. Since that trip I have considered Rome to be one of my favorite cities in Europe. I was so excited to be going back, even though it was only for a day!

Our family decided to do this city on our own (no organized tours). If you are wanting to see a ton and / or not comfortable traveling around new cities (especially in another language) I would recommend getting a tour from Disney. Continue reading

Disney Mediterranean Cruise: La Spezia, Italy {Cruise Day 4}

The day at La Spezia has to be my favorite of the trip! While many families traveled off to see Pisa or Florence we decided to stick to the coast and visit the towns of Cinque Terre.

The day started by hopping on a tender boat taking us to shore. One fun thing to do when on this boat is sit at the back. You can get some fun shots of the family with the Disney ship in the background. Continue reading

Disney Mediterranean Cruise: Villefranche, France {Cruise Day 3}

Our first stop on the cruise was near Nice, France. The port was actually in the town of Villefranche, France. This was a tenured stop, a.k.a. we had to ride a small boat to the shore. This is the one stop that we took a Disney organized excursion. It was called: Eze, Nice and French Wines. Continue reading

Disney Mediterranean Cruise: Sea Day {Cruise Day 2}

We spent this day at sea just relaxing. Naps and reading by the pool. Food and more food. Doing everything that you are supposed to do on a cruise.

Because there is not too much to share about this day I am going to give you an overall observation / comparison between the last cruise we took (Disney Alaska Cruise) and this one. I don’t know if this was just because of the cruise leaving out of Europe or what but the lines for meeting the characters were crazy long! This is our third Disney cruise and we have never seen it like this. We actually talked to some of the staff about this and they completely agreed that people were crazy about the character pictures on this cruise. Continue reading