IMG_2891The inspiration behind my website: I stumped across ana-white.com one day and my life will never be the same. Why buy new things for our new house when we can build it for so much less money? I also decided if I was going to build something and post to her brag post I should have lots of picture of the process. The second thing that took me down this path was pinterest.com, so many different ideas all at my fingertips. The third reason is that I have been looking for a good place to keep all of my favorite recipes, what better place than to be able to share them with everyone.

A little about us: 

Sarah Bowes-Pope: Mechanical Engineer & Crafty person.  In high school I had the difficult decision to make between my two loves, photography and engineering. After much thought I ended up deciding to pursue mechanical engineering. I wanted to keep photography something that I did for fun not something I was made to do. Also an engineering job could help pay for my photograph habits :)

My husband, Alex Pope, is a software engineer and my assistant on many of my projects and website development.

Timeline of important life events:


  • August: We got married! Wheaton, IL
  • October: Bought and moved into our first house in Seattle, WA
  • December: Started this blog (see more)


  • September: Welcomed our new fur baby Zoey to the family (see more)


  • January: We moved to Oslo, Norway following Alex’s job (see more)

Contact me: sbowes1 [at] gmail [dot] com