Easter Weekend Visit to Sweden

This past Easter holiday weekend our family rented a car and drove seven hours down to Ronneby, Sweden to visit some of my relatives. I was very excited to see them again and have my husband and dog, Zoey, meet them too! We also stayed one night in Gothenburg, Sweden on the way down to break up some of the driving.

Because this was Zoey’s first official vacation, she thought it would be fun to write the post. Here goes nothing….

Hi there! My name is Zoey Pope. I am the furry one in the family (well, I guess my dad is kind of furry too but that is another story for another day). I am very excited to tell you about my vacation!

We started by getting in a car. I love car rides! Mom let me sit in her lap until I wanted to lay down… then I got sent to the backseat. It was great! So much room!

After a few sleeps we arrived at this thing floating in the water that mom says we were going to sleep in. I like ducks and they float in the water so I assume I will like this place too! It is like a really BIG duck that is not scared of me!

Once we were inside, we found a room with a bed. I got dinner and some of my toys were pulled out of our bag. Mom was so nice to bring them for me. My parents then left me in the room to guard our things. I overheard them talking about finding beer. Yuck! I don’t like beer! I am glad they left me behind!

After they returned we all fell asleep in the bed. This bed was very strange… it had a hole down the middle that I kept falling into. I ended up deciding mom’s feet were safer than the middle.

We woke up to ducks! They were just floating outside our window! It was very exciting!

I then took another sleep when mom and dad when for breakfast. They came back with BACON! It was so tasty! I love sleeping in the giant duck! I love bacon!

We then went to a park! I love parks! This park went by a funny name of Slottsskogen. I was walking my parents around when we came across a pond. It had these funny animals inside… and no they were not ducks…. I know ducks and these things were not ducks. They kept popping up and then disappearing again…. Must be some weird Swedish duck thing.

We then walked up the hill and guess what we found? DUCKS! More ducks then I have ever seen all in one place! If I were not walking my parents I would have chase every last one of those ducks! I must come back here again someday when I am not on walking duty!

We then came across a big dog my parents called horse. I wanted to go sniff it out and say hello but my parents kept saying I would be kicked in the head…. Must be an angry dog. I trusted them about this.

At the very top of the hill we stopped to see the pretty view.

Then we started to head back down.

We ran into another interesting duck. I wanted to play with it but the fence was in the way. I also didn’t trust this bird… it made very funny noises.

Next to the funny bird there where sheep! I have heard about these things called sheep. All I know is that they are all supposed to stand together. Phew these ones were together, the stories are true.

There was also some sheep with horns.

Mom got too close to them so I had to step in and protect her.

After that we found a large bird out if its cage. I wanted to go play with it but dad wouldn’t let me. He never lets me have any fun.  Mom wanted me to scare it so we could see its feathers…. whatever what means?

We then got to go on a hike through the forest! I LOVE hikes through the forest!

After we made it down the hill, we got to play ball! In leaves! OMG leaves are fun! They are the best for burying the ball!

Then we played more ball!

And more!

And a little more!

I got very tired.  BEST DAY EVER!

Mom and dad let me drink out of an ice cold stream. I thought it tasted so good that it would be great to lay down in! Oh and it did feel good! Mom got really freaked out about me being wet and being in the car.

So we played some more ball! I LOVE playing ball!

After I was dry again we jumped back in the car for the second part of our adventure.

I helped dad drive. I am good at this!

Mom had us stop to take pictures of this church. I stayed watch with dad in the car.

After another long nap we arrived at a farm. This was my first time at a farm! It was really fun! Except for all the horses. Those things are not fun… one tried to eat me… but I got away. Mom kept insisting on going in their cages and petting them. I don’t understand why. I stood guard and yelled at any of them that got too close to her.

I made a new friend at the farm. His name is Jack. We played outside and inside.

When we came inside from playing we had to pass the fortress of cats! These cats did not like me! They really liked my mom though so I just stuck by her when going through. Jack and I did our best to chase the cats off but they always seemed to return.

There was only one cat inside. It was much different than the outdoor cats. This one didn’t make funny noises at me.

Sometimes this indoor cat changed into a small person…. It was very strange.

Mom and dad ate a lot of food when we were at the farm. I also got a lot of food too! Mom really has to learn to make food like they do. They drop so much more on the floor at the farm. It was so good! Mom says I was being spoiled. Whatever spoiled is I LOVE it!

Mom and dad left me to play with Jack when they went to see some sheep. They told me that I might scare the sheep so I couldn’t come. They told me stories of the sheep when they came back.

They saw both black and white sheep.

They saw puppy sheep (mom called these lambs).

And even one that was a day old.

Maybe someday I can see that many sheep!

Oh, I didn’t tell you. Jack has his own couch outside! It was so cool! I must talk my parents into getting me one of those.

We celebrated a thing called Easter when we were at the farm. There was lots of food and people singing. Mom and dad got these funny shaped balls with treats inside! They were good, so I let them have all the treats.

After a few days we got back in the car and took a really long sleep. Did I tell you I love cars! When I woke up I was back at my house.

I LOVE vacations! I hope mom and dad take me with on every vacation! BALL…..

I hope you enjoyed Zoey’s version of the vacation. We had a wonderful time seeing our Swedish relatives again and seeing the new little addition. In addition to what Zoey wrote, we also were lucky to find out more about our family tree. One of my relatives started doing research and had tracked the family back seven generations. I love being able to see the links in on a family tree and how everyone is related.

Thanks for reading

2 thoughts on “Easter Weekend Visit to Sweden

  1. Love your Easter story. You are so very talented with your pictures and story-telling. Loved getting to experience your trip and glad you have this opportunity for travel and adventure and getting to visit your Swedish relatives again.

    Thanks so much. Talk later. Love,


  2. What fun you must have had since I had fun just reading it! Thank you for sharing your day. Zoey is one of the most beautiful dogs that I have ever seen. I’m glad you have each other. You are one awesome person – furniture maker, teacher, humorist, creative writer, adventurer, and have a very warm and loving heart. Thanks for being part of what is good in the world.

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