Heart String Pallet Art

After last year’s Christmas gifts my brother made a request that I make gifts for him every year. This would be so much easier if I lived within driving distance. Trying to figure out a homemade gift that will travel well is hard.

I have wanted to try to make string art for a while now so I decided to combine that with staining pallet wood. I decided to try to stain my bother and sister-in-law’s wedding date in the center and weave a string art heart around it. Continue reading

How to Stain an Image onto a Pallet

I finally decided to do something with the huge double wide pallet that has been leaning against our house for about half a year now. There are so many different ideas of things to do with pallet wood. I really liked the idea of using the wood for wall art because it has tons of character. I have seen people paint and add stickers to create wall art. I decided to try something different and experiment with staining a image into the pallet. I am so happy this worked on the first try. Continue reading