January 2013 BarkBox Review

Zoey had to give up her BarkBox subscription because of our move to Norway. We decided to pass it on to Casey, my parent’s black lab. Needless to say she did not object to the idea of getting a box full of treats and toys being sent to her.

Here is the review that my mom wrote up for January’s BarkBox:

This month’s Bark Box was greeted with full excitement by Casey.  I was so busy the day it arrived that I cut the box open and set it on our kitchen table. I had no time to show it to our Lab right away.  While cooking in the kitchen I kept hearing her whining at the kitchen table.  When I went to investigate I found Casey looking at the box and whining for the treats that were in the box.  Grabbed my camera and took some pictures of her.

This box contained 3 treats and 1 toy. Below is a breakdown of all the products received with the cost, Barkbox’s product description, and our reactions.

Break down of products in box:

Barkworthies, Bully Stick

Website: www.barkworthies.com

Description: Give your pup a healthy chew they’ll love! Unlike rawhide chews, these bully sticks are 100% beef, so your dog will actually digest them. Seriously, I’m addicted to these things! No bleaches or chemicals are ever used in the manufacturing process.
Reactions:  The bully stick was a huge favorite out of this box.  She bounced around with it in her mouth making sure to show everyone what she had in her mouth. She worked on it until it was totally done. In 15-30 mins it was completely gone.  Just wished it would have lasted longer.
Price on website: N/A
Price on Amazon: $5.73 

Nootie yumZies

Website: www.nootie.com

Description: All natural, Grain free. Made in the USA. We’re checking all the boxes here with these Yumzies treats made by Nootie. Hugo, the greatest of danes and original BarkBox product tester, is crazy for them. They are his favorite treats in the whole treat universe and is please to share them with your pup!
Reactions: To begin with Casey wasn’t too sure what to think of this treat.  Carried it around in her mouth for a while before eating. Now she just grabs the treat and swallows it whole. For the Lab size dog I feel like she doesn’t even chew to taste them. However she does like them and wants more.
Price on website: $7.99 
Price on Amazon: $6.99 + shipping 

Jax and Bones, Elton the Octopus

Website: www.jaxandbones.com

Description: Elton the Octopus is an office favorite here at BarkBox, particularly coveted by my counterpart Frida, the mail dog. Designed by Jax and Bones, these toys were voted Best Pet Toy by Pet Product News! Better still, a portion of each sale made is donated to The Rescue Train, an organization dedicated to saving animal lives.
Reactions: The Elton the Octopus was a huge hit! Casey loved it and it is now one of her favorite new toys!  I was afraid she would tear it up right away but she has been playing with it for a good week and it is holding up great.
Price on website: $16 
Price on Amazon: $13.35 + shipping 

Superior Farms Lamb Toasters

Website: www.superiorfarmspet.com

Description: These crunchy bites are all the rage in the BarkBox office. I mean, who can resist a treat made from gently toasted 100% natural lamb protein. They are a crisp and delicious treat to reward your furry companion.
Reactions: Casey does like these treats. She does chew them before swallowing.
Price on website: $7.99 
Price on Amazon: $7.87 

January 2013 Overall BarkBox Review

Total value of products in box: Around $38

Overall impression: Over all impression was very good on this box. Casey loved it and is sill loving the toy which is holding up very good!

Would I buy this box again? Yes, I would buy this box again.

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