Our Temporary Oslo Home

Our bags are unpacked and we are now settled into our temporary housing.

We are in a tiny one bedroom apartment through Frogner House Apartments. We are in a very nice area just a few blocks away from the palace in Oslo.

Here are some pictures of our temporary apartment before we received our air shipment.

We have made it through the trials of figuring out how to use of washing machine and dishwasher. Things we have learned til håndoppvask translates to hand washing soap not dishwasher shop. The ending result of this is in the picture below…

I have also had my struggles with the washing machine. The first few times running a cycle, I would wake up in the morning and the machine would still be running. We would force it to stop but our clothes would still be locked inside and when we could finally work our way in they were sitting in a puddle of water.

Other things learned about the washing machine

  • It is not a washer / dryer
  • Don’t run it right when you are going to sleep because it sounds like a jet engine
  • Fabric softener is a good thing and required if you don’t want crunchy clothes (translation = tøymykner)
  • You can pack the washer all the way full with clothes… they are not like US machines
Now we have the fun of finding homes for all our stuff that came in our air shipment.
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One thought on “Our Temporary Oslo Home

  1. Thanks for posting the pictures! What a wonderful adventure!
    I saw your Mom at Target last Friday and we chatted about you, your sister, and their trip. (Sorry, Nick – didn’t get to you.) Mostly excited for you and a tiny bit jealous. Enjoy!!

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