Farmhouse Table, Part 2

Our dining room table is done! This has been an idea in the making for months now. I previously talked about the inspiration for this table in Farmhouse Table Part 1. Between building this, traveling for the holidays and running into missing materials, this project took a lot longer than we expected. In the end it was completely worth every day.  I hope this will be a part of our family for years to come. Continue reading

Farmhouse Table, Part 1

A few months ago, I stumbled across Ana White’s website, to say the least it was life changing. I have always loved to build things, being a mechanical engineer it is second nature, but I never thought about building my own furniture. I have always been a person to choose metal over wood for all my projects. Other than a project a few years ago to convert my husband’s chest freezer (for beer brewing) to a table in our old apartment, I had never really worked with wood before.  Now I am stepping out of my comfort zone and building our dining room table out of wood.  I loved the look of a farmhouse table especially for our craftsman’s style home.My husband being a little skeptical of my ability to build a table convinced me to go “real” table shopping before making the final decision to build our table. After a couple of hours of looking at $1,000+ price tags with nothing really jumping out at us I deiced to drag him to both Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware (they happened to be next store to each other). After showing him two examples of what I was going to build and looking at their price tags he was sold on the idea of me designing and building the table. Continue reading