Kitchen Organization {Post 2}: Dog Treat Chalkboard Canisters

We have way too many dog treats for our dog. Yes, we do spoil her but she is so much happier when she has a large variety of flavors and types of treats.  We recently started subscribing to BarkBox, so Zoey now gets new treats every month. We keep her treats on the counter and my husband (who hates any kind of clutter) pointed out with the expansion of dog treats was not looking very presentable.



The other problem is Keagan the cat. He thinks the dog treats are also for him and that he can help himself. I am constantly finding him stealing treats from the counter or pushing them on the floor to the dog waiting below (I swear the cat and dog plot together to steal treats).

“Really mom, it wasn’t me…”

I don’t think my husband has caught on that when he points out a problem it is going to become a full on project.  I have been planning for a while to use the silhouette cameo to decorate a canister for the dog treats.  When looking for canisters online I came across these on Create & Barrel and fell in love with the chalkboard idea to label the treats.

In the end I ended up getting these canisters from The Container Store (very similar, if not the same, to these on Amazon). On top of putting chalkboards on the canisters, I loved the idea of using square canisters and having different sayings on the bottoms of easy canister that I could rotate to make different small sentences.

The words I used are:

 Those  Spoiled  Dog
 The  Lazy  Cat
 My  Crazy  Dogs
 The  Smart  Animals

Dog / Pet Treat Chalkboard Canisters


  1. Paint
  2. Non-sand grout
  3. Saran wrap
  4. Adhesive vinyl
  5. Silhoutte transfer paper
  6. Canisters

 Cost of Materials

  1. $2.50 Home Depot Sample size
  2. leftover from other project 
  3. Already had
  4. $7 Michael’s with coupon (only use 1/4)
  5. leftover from another project 
  6. $56 from The Container Store (bought 7)


 Total Cost: $65.50


First, mark off the areas for the chalkboard paint using clear wrap. I found that this sticks much better than tape.  Use the flat ends of the clear wrap, not the edge that gets torn. Push down the edges to get a good seal for a clean paint line.

Using Non-sand grout and paint mix up chalkboard paint in a disposable cup. I used about ½ cup of paint with 1 tablespoon of non-sand grout.  With a sponge brush, paint the chalkboard paint onto the desired surfaces.  Take multiple sweeps to make the surface as smooth as possible.  Repeat coats until the surface is evenly covered (I did three).

After the final coat of paint is applied carefully pull the clear wrap off of the canisters. I pulled at angle away from the edge; this seemed to work best for me. I ended up using my exacto knife to fix little flaws in the paint. I had a few of the corners that were not exactly perfect.

Let the paint dry for a few hours.

Using a Silhouette Cameo cut the words and decorations into the adhesive vinyl.  In addition to the words I also cut out bones and paw prints. Using transfer paper, stick the vinyl onto the canisters.

Fill the canisters with treats and label by using the chalkboards and chalk.

My – lazy – animals

Those – spoiled – dogs

One – crazy – cat

One – smart – dog

Don’t forget to give a couple of treats to your pets that will be anxiously watching you fill the canisters!

More info on how to use adhesive vinyl with silhouette cameo: Sarah’ World YouTube video 
More info on how to make chalkboard paint: On Houzz

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