Paper Hearts and Shadow Boxes

Alex and I attended a couple beautiful weddings this summer and I wanted to make a fun gift for the two couples. After a quick search for wedding gifts on Pinterest I came across different variations of using paper hearts arranged in a shadow box.  I loved the look of these and decided to take the idea a step further and used the lyrics for their first dance song for the background.

Here are the instructions if you would like to make one of these yourself.  If you would rather have someone make one for you check out these Etsy pages SuzyShppee & Celadon Home.

Paper Hearts and Wedding Lyrics Shadow Box




Measure the area, in the shadow box, that is to be covered by the song text. Type the song lyrics into Microsoft Word and change the font.  I found this free font on  Next, play around with the margins to get the correct width of text coverage.  Then change the text size to where you want it. I used 12 point font.  To get the length to the correct coverage adjust the line spacing.  Justify the text to get a clean edge look.

Print the text out and test to make sure you have the proper sizing.  It took me a couple of print outs and adjustments to get this perfect. Make sure to have extra printer paper.

Once the sizing is correct, take the print out and cut it down to size (so it can fit in the shadow). I did this by centering the text in the shadow box and then tracing the outside edge of the shadow box onto the paper. Using a paper cutter I cut on the traced lines. I then cut off small slivers of paper from the edges until I got the perfect fit.

Next cut the velum sheet to size using the text sheet for a size reference.

Using a silhouette machine cut the paper hearts out of the card stock.

Also use the silhouette machine to make the text for on the hearts. Using transfer paper and a popsicle stick transfer the words onto the hearts.

Arrange the hearts on the velum that is over the background text.  After the hearts are arranged, stick down the top corner heart (text heart) using rubber cement.

The non-text hearts use the Popsicle stick to help make a crease down the center bending to about a 60 degree angle.

Attach the next bent heart to the velum. I used a T-square to help get the first row straight.

Continue attaching all the hearts alternating bent sides.

To help get the velum flat to the text page, apply rubber cement to the back of the velum behind the hearts and along the edges that will be covered by the frame.

Place your art into the shadow box and enjoy!

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