Bench for Farmhouse Table

The last piece to our farmhouse table is complete! After handing my wonderful husband a cut list, he built our bench all by himself.  While he was doing this I was in the backyard pulling weeds. I really think he got the better end of this deal.

Screw together bottom skirt and then add supports.Use wood glue and square off everything.

The only problem with the construction of the bench was the legs were not completely squared off. This made the bench a little wobbly until we put the non-scratch pads on the bottom and fixed the problem.

Attach top end boards by screwing through the top and into the skirt.

Farmhouse Table Bench

This bench has the exact same design as our farmhouse table with just two long boards in the middle instead of the three that are in the table. I also changed the overlay of the skirt by accident, but it just makes a difference for the cut list if you want to copy and keep the overlay of the joints the same (insert measurement difference).

Attach center top boards through bottom supports.

I am not going to go through the step by step on this post, I recommend going to our farmhouse table post for the step by step but using this material and cut list.

Alex looking like a cave man before his hair cut screwing in the bench legs.


  1.  Wood (We used pine, see cut list)
  2. Wood glue
  3. Wood filler
  4. 1 1/4″ wood screws
  5.  2″ wood screws
  6. Sandpaper (110 grit)


  1. Sander
  2. Square
  3. Clamps
  4. Electric Screwdriver
  5. 1/8″ counter bore drill bit
  6. Measuring tape
  7. pencil

 Cost of Materials*:

* only new materials I had to buy was wood and sandpaper, all the rest I had leftovers from table.

1. Wood
6. $8 from Home Depot

Total Cost: around $50.00

Cut List:

2 – 2X8 @ 4’ 5″ (top boards)
2 – 2X10 @ 1’ 2-1/2” (top short boards)
2 – 1X4 @ 1’ (short skirt)
2 – 1X4 @ 5’ 6” (long skirt)
4 – 4X4 @ 1’ 4-1/2” (legs)
5 – 1X2 @ 10-1/2” (supports)
2 – 1X4 @ 10-1/2”  (extra end supports)

I was so excited to send Alex off with the cut list that I forgot to check if on leftover wood from the table. This project would have been a lot cheaper if I had checked. Oh well.  Now I have tons of spare wood laying around for future projects.

Sanding the finished bench before staining.

As for the finish, this is also the same as the table. We actually didn’t pay any more money for the finishing supplies because we had enough left over from the table.

The cat being the center of attention

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18 thoughts on “Bench for Farmhouse Table

  1. This is a great tutorial thanks for sharing!
    Not sure if I missed it or it wasn’t there but what kind of wood was this you used?

    • We used Pine. You can really use any wood. We were wanting wood with character and cheap pine gave us that.

      Thanks for the comment! I will make sure to add the type of wood into the materials list to make it easier to find.

      • pine is great for furniture! this turned out awesome!
        but I would recommend you stay away from douglas fir for this, unless you want a blotchy look (and not a pretty or cool looking blotchy)
        douglas fir will be the more common dimensional lumber so check the tag

  2. Can you please send me all info including cut list for the farmhouse table and bench…My computer froze and I can not get the info…I have been looking for a pattern like this for about a year and yours seems to be the best so far…I made and outdoor set but gave it and the pattern to a friend who lost it… thanks so much…

  3. Have u noticed if the boards that go the long way have strunk or expanded to the point that the end boards longer boards are no longer flush? Id so how bad was it if bad at all?

  4. I made the table while my husband was away for a week and he was quite impressed:) Thanks for the great tutuorial so I could pull it off. I aged it with the tea and vinegar/steel wool method and it looks great in our dining room. Now I’m putting together the bench. Great blog!!!

    • What is the tea and vinegar and steel wool finishing? Sounds interesting. Do u have any pictures of the finish on a project. Thanks Jane

  5. Would enjoy seeing this bench with a back. My plans call for using it as a bench for our bar top so my kids can do home school work on our bar top from the kitchen. Our table is just not big enough and I do not want to buy a bigger table because of space considerations. Any thoughts on a back?

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  7. Hello,

    I was just curious about the measurements. Could you please clarify about them?

    When you write 2 – 2X10 @ 1’ 2-1/2” what does that mean exactly?


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