Our First BarkBox: September 2012 Review

I love to spoil our puppy Zoey and our new BarkBox subscription does just that. I came across this company a few months ago on DailyCandy Deals and knew I had to get one for our pup.

What is BarkBox?

BarkBox is a monthly box that gets mailed to your house with four or more dog products.

How it works:


The cost ranges from $17 – $25 depending on the length of the subscription.

I got so excited when I received the tracking number for our BarkBox shipment, I couldn’t wait to go home and find out what was in the box. As soon as I put it down on the ground all three animals (Zoey (our dog), Deuce (Roommates dog), and Keagan (our cat)) all had their noses to the box sniffing. They knew there was something good in there!

I opened up the seal and Zoey nosed her way into the box. Once opened, she sniffed over everything and then started licking at the Bully Stick that what inside. That was the source of the magnetic animal smell. Oh it smelt SO bad! Now I know why they sell odor free bully sticks.  Of course Zoey loved this treat but it sent me outside trying to escape the horrible smell in my house. She ate it all in one sitting and was not about to share it with any of the other animals.

Meanwhile, when Zoey was chowing down on her bully stick, Keagen the cat decided to check out the rest of the box that was now on the table. When I was over taking a picture of Zoey I heard the cat run into the kitchen, I knew he had stolen something. I found him on the kitchen floor trying the chew open the sample bag of freeze dried chicken.

I picked it up and he gave me the stare down hoping to get one of these chicken treats. I gave him one and he devoured it in 2 seconds (I really think he swallowed it because it was gone so fast). He was purring so loud after eating this treat.  I really wish it was more than just a sample.

The BarkBox also came with a full size bag of treats from the same company; these were freeze dried sweet potatoes.  My little piggy, Zoey ate them no problem, not overly excited about them though. Keagan did not enjoy these, just sniffed and left it. We also shared these with Deuce. He is a very picky eater and ended up putting it down.  Zoey promptly went and stole it.  Deuce ended up eating one later on.  I was very surprised to read the ingredients listed on this bag of treats. They are 100% sweet potato, no additives.

We also received a crinket in the box. This is a rubber toy that you put an empty water bottle in for your dog to play with. Because we signed up for the medium size dog box we got a medium sized crinket. The problem with this is that it takes the small size water bottles. We don’t have any of those laying around the house so we will have to fully test this toy later. Zoey did chew on the empty crinket for a while though so I have a feeling she is going to be a fan of this toy.

In total, in this box, we got 1 toy, 3 treats, 2 samples, and 1 coupon. Below I have all of the products received listed with the cost, description (one give on card sent in box), and our reactions.

Break down of Products in box:

Ziggo Pets Crinket

Website: zigoopets.com

Description: Cater to your dog’s love of all noises with the Crinket toy. Made from flexible (and durable) material, the Crinket prevents plastic bottles from becoming completely shredded- while giving your dog the satisfactory feeling of complete bottle destruction.

Reactions: Zoey is not a huge water bottle chewer. She played with this a little bit but mostly just wanted to play fetch with it. Because we signed up for the medium size box we got smaller size crinket. It is a little bit harder finding the smaller water bottles for it. We ended up getting some on a recent airplane ride. I might end up sending this one to my brother’s dog that chews everything.
Price on website: Not sold on website
Price on Amazon: $19.95 (for the bigger size, small size not available)
Would we buy this product? No

Barkworthies braided bully stick

Website: barkworthies.com

Description: Made with 100% beef, these all natural bully sticks give your pooch something to gnaw on while promoting healthy teeth and gums.

Reactions: Zoey LOVED this treat! It lasted her about 45 minutes. I on the other hand hated it. It smelled horrible! As much as I love my dog’s happiness I don’t ever want that smell in my house again.

Price on website: only sell in bulk
Price on Amazon: $7.36 
Would we buy this product? Yes, but in the odor free type

Whole Life Sweet Potato Treats       

Website: wholelifepet.com

Description: One Organic ingredient equals one incredible snack! Freeze-dried sweet potato treats are crisp in texture and natural in sweetness. Check out their other great flavors too – your pup will thank you!
Size: Full size, 1.5oz & sample size of chicken
Reactions: Love that they are 100% sweet potato with no additives. Zoey ate them but didn’t have a huge reaction. Deuce was also not a huge fan. I would be curious to find out if they like another flavor better. The sample of the chicken flavor all got stolen by the cat. He loved them. They make cat treats also and will end up buying more of them for the cat.
Price on website: $3.99
Price on Amazon: 4oz bag costs $14.95 does not have 1.5oz
Would we buy this product? Yes, the chicken ones for the cat and maybe a meat one for the dog

Zukes Regular Z-Bones, Clean apple crisp  

Website: Zukes.com

Description: Does your dog have, umm, dog breath? The Zukes Z-bones are grain-free dental bones for dogs that clean teeth and freshen that rancid doggy breath.

Size: One bone
Reactions: Zoey ate this all in one sitting. It took her all of ten minutes. It really did help with the bad doggy breath. I am not saying she was breathing the smell of apples afterwards but it was a lot less awful.
Price on website: $2.99
Price on Amazon: has an 8 pack for $18.72 
Would we buy this product? No, I feel like they are a little overpriced for the chew time.

LA Fresh: Wag Bath Wipes for Dogs

Website: LAfreshgroup.com

Description: Theses W.A.G. (Wash-and-Go) pet wipes are perfect for when your dog… smells like a dog! They’re great for when you’re on the move so you can quickly cleanse that scraggly fur and thse messy paws.
Size: One wipe
Reactions: We have not used this yet. I think it will be good to bring with on our next camping trip. Maybe we will have a less smelly dog sleeping with us in our tent.
Price on website: They sell them in 20 packs for $4.99 (so 25 cents each), also available in 50 and 75 packs
Price on Amazon: Pack of 75 for $15.99 (so 2 cents each)
Would we buy this product? N/A

Wag.com $10 off coupon 

Website: wag.com

Description: This online haven is a one stop shop for all things dog. With over 20,000 items available, we can guarantee they carry your dogs favorite food! Get $10 off your first order using the code provided.
Reactions: The prices are very comparable to amazon.com but they charge you for shipping for orders under $50. I will end up using the coupon with we run low on both dog and cat food and cat litter at the same time.
Value: $10

September 2012 Overall BarkBox Review

Total value of products in box: $34.31 without coupon
$44.31 with coupon

Overall impression: I think I got myself too hyped up for the first box. I am a little disappointed that Zoey didn’t like the toy. We will see how the next one goes.

Would I buy this box again? Yes, it is fun to test out new products. I don’t think it is worth the $25 price tag but I do think it is worth the $17 one.

Do you want to order a BarkBox? Use this link and get $5 off you first order.

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