October 2012 BarkBox Review

Our second BarkBox has arrived! Wondering what BarkBox is? Check out my first barkbox post.

The big winner in this month’s box was the lollycadoodle snake toy. This is the first thing Zoey pulled out of the box when I let her sniff it out. I took it away so I could get some pictures before I let her dig her teeth into it. After I put it on the table it was stolen right away by Keagan the cat.

He attacked the snake and began to carry it around in his mouth as we moved to different room. I final took it away from him so I could get a picture.

That didn’t last long…

While all this is happening Zoey is laying by my feet giving me the sad “you took away my toy” look.

After letting the cat play a little longer I gave the snake to Zoey. It only took him a couple of minutes for her to have one of the eyes and the end of the tail torn off.

Then being a little mean I gave one end to the cat and the other to the dog. They both were pulling at it… I have never seen a cat play tug-a-war before.

In the end I think I am going to keep this as a cat toy. I have not seen our cat like something this much for a long time.

The other fun product in this box was a Dog Mustache. We had to work for a while to get her to bit the ball part of this toy. She really just wanted to chew on the handles of the stache.

In total, in this box, we got 2 toys, 1 treat, 2 products, and 1 coupon. Below I have all of the products received listed with the cost, description (one give on card sent in box), and our reactions.

Break down of products in box:

Feelgood Treat Company, Trail Blazin’ Bitz

Website: feelgoodtreatco.com

Description: Turkey Trail Blazin’ Blitz are crunchy treats that are handmade from all natural and organic ingredients. They’re also wheat, gluten and preservative-free! The dog will be doing flips for these treats.

Reactions: Zoey will eat these, she is not picky about her treats. She doesn’t get overly excited when she sees them come out. Deuce (our housemates dog) is a very picky eater. He will eat these but slowly. Doesn’t seem to excited about them ether. One thing I am disappointed about is that I can’t find these for sale online or in my area. I am not sure how I was supposed to buy them if Zoey ended up really liking them.

Price on website: N/A
Price on Amazon: N/A

Would we buy this product? Maybe, depends on the price.

Lollycadoodle Snake Toy

Website: lollycadoodle.com

Description: This 100% wool toy is handmade by trained artisans in Nepal. Each toy is unique, fun, and colorful, and if your pup is anything like ours, they’ll love this fun and durable toy!

Reaction: Best toy in this month’s box! Both the cat and the dog loved it! Every time the dog gets a hold of this toy there is blue fuzz all over the house. There is no stuffing which is nice but the snake just keeps getting thinner. Also the snake’s eyes are not attached very well. It took little effort for Zoey to pull them off.

Price on website: $5 (when bought wholesale)
Price on Amazon: N/A

Would we buy this product? Yes, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it.

Moody Pet, Humunga Stache
Website: moddypet.com

Description: For the pup that needs to go indognito or needs a dogsguise, the Humunga Stache is the perfect toy. It’s a ball and a mustache in one! Moddy Pet has a whole line of whacky dog products that have us cracking up.


Reactions: Very fun toy. Zoey did not want to hold onto the ball part of the toy instead she wanted to chew on the handles. She does play fetch with it.

Price on website: $17.95 (with shipping)
Price on Amazon: $14.99

Would we buy this product? No, I feel like this is a onetime thing. Might buy one for a gift.


Description: If you have a finicky Fido who doesn’t like getting their teeth brushed, than the Clean Teeth Gel by Tropiclean is the perfect product for you! It’s all natural, keeps breath fresh and helps to reduce tartar and plaque.

Reaction: When we tried this out, Zoey had just gotten into the litter box for an afternoon snack (gross!). The defiantly made her breath smell better. It wasn’t the easiest thing to get her to sit still for. This product is made for both dogs and cats. Keagan was not impressed by this at all. He ran away l licking his lips with the bad taste look. We also let Deuce try out this product, he was not happy either. He walked away sneezing which is what he does when he is angry. Overall the human’s like this product for the good pet breath but pets not so much.

Price on website: N/A
Price on Amazon: $10.38

Would we buy this product? No, pets were not happy with this. I would much rather give them a dental bone.

Metro Paws
Website: metropaws.com

Description: Your pup will be the most fashionable dog on the block with these well-designed Poppy Packs by Metro Paws. Check out all of the trendy designs on their website!

Reaction: Very cute and stylish compared to our normal black poop bags! Almost too cute for poop.

Price on website: $2.13 per roll (comes in 8 packs)
Price on Amazon: N/A

Would we buy this product? Maybe, they are a lot more fun than black bags. Wish they were as cheap as black bags.
 15  16

Honest Discounts

Description: Did you know that most of Fido’s medications are available at your local drugstore? With this pre-activated discount card, you’ll save between 10-75% on prescriptions at over 54,000 participating locations!

Reaction: After going onto the website I was disappointed that this card is given out for free. We have not used it so I don’t have a review to how much will be saved.

Price on website: FREE
Price on Amazon: N/A

Would we use this product? I will look into using this the next time we have to get pet meds.

October 2012 Overall BarkBox Review

Total value of products in box: at least $40.50 (Assuming the dog treats cost about $8)

Overall impression: I was impressed by the variety in this months box. I like that they are making me try products that I would never pick when I go the the pet store. The one thing that I am disappointed about it that a few of the products are not available in my are and are not for sale online.

Would I buy this box again? Same response as last time…Yes, it is fun to test out new products. I don’t think it is worth the $25 price tag but I do think it is worth the $17 one.

Do you want to order a BarkBox? Use this link and get $5 off you first order.

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One thought on “October 2012 BarkBox Review

  1. I have heard that you can get the Feelgood Blazin treats at Marshals for like $2.99 a bag.

    My Great Dane Jezebel will be getting her first BarkBox this month! Pretty excited for her… wish I could have got that stach though…

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