DIY Crayon Art

Now that Christmas is over and all my gifts are given I can post the few DIY gifts that I made for friends and family. The first is a very popular DIY on pinterest, DIY crayon art. I have come across many different versions of this project. My favorite is this one:

Crayon Art

I really love how the colors pop on the black background. The project posted was not linked to any website.

DIY Crayon Art

DIY Crayon Art

Materials needed:

  1. 16in X 20in Canvas
  2. Black acrylic paint
  3. White acrylic paint
  4. Sponge brushes (used 2)
  5. 59 Crayons (I started with a 96 pack)
  6. Hot glue gun
  7. Hairdryer
  8. Super glue (optional)


  1. Buy one get one two pack from Michael’s $2.50 each
  2. Michael’s on sale for $.89
  3. Michael’s on sale for $.89
  4. Already had
  5. Office Depot on sale for $4.50
  6. Already had
  7. Already had
  8. Already had


Here is the process I went through to make this. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for the quick instructions.

I started by painting two coats of black paint on the canvas.

homemade chalkboard paint

The next step is to sort the crayons into the order you want them. I used The Crayon-Bow, Crayola Color Chart, 1903-2010 from to put my crayons in order.

The glitter and gel crayons in the 84 park were not on this chart, I just placed them were they looked best.

DIY Crayon Art

If you are using an 96 pack of crayons you have to discard 37 crayons. I started by taking out the darker colors because they were going to be used on the black background. Then I tried evening out the colors without ruining the transition colors.  This was the most time consuming part of this project for me.

DIY Crayon Art

Starting at one end of the color spectrum I started hot gluing the crayons to the canvas one by one. I did this by applying a line of glue to the bottom of each crayon and then quickly sticking it to the canvas so the bottom of the crayon with aligned with the top to the canvas.  I then applied another line of glue on the side of the crayon before sticking on the next crayon in the order.

DIY Crayon Art

 Next I used a sponge brush to sponge on the word DREAM to the bottom corer of the canvas. I practiced this on scrap papers to get a good size and consistency. I used the sponge brush to make the words come out cloud looking.

I then propped the canvas against the wall at a slight angle. I placed shopping bags around the canvas to protect the wall and the floor.

I started at the left end of the crayons heating them up with a hairdryer. Heating about 8-10 crayons at a time. The longer you heat one area the longer the drips are going to be. I kept my hairdryer on low. Be careful on how far away from the crayons and how low on the crayons you blow with the hairdryer because the melted crayon splatters easy.

I went back after and melted areas again to get longer streaks. You just have to work with it for a while to get exactly what you are looking for.  You can even melt farther down on the drips to get a more smeared look.  This took about 30 minutes to complete.

I had to transport this back to Chicago because it was a Christmas gift for my friend Rachel. I had to put in in my checked bag (protected by a box) and was so concerned about all the crayon getting knocked off during the flight. After taking it out of its box in Chicago only one drip had fallen off and a few bottoms of drips started coming up off the canvas. Super glue was an easy fix for this problem. I just stuck a little glue to the backs of all the drips I was concerned about and reglued the one that fell off.

I loved how it turned out and I already have a request from by brother to make him one for his new house.

Quick instructions:

  •   Paint canvas (if wanted)
  •   Sort crayons
  •   Glue crayons to canvas using hot glue gun
  •   Paint word(s) at bottom (can do this after crayon melting too)
  •   Melt crayons using hairdryer

There are so many creative ideas to do with this project! I would love to see yours. Post pictures/links to your finished masterpiece in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading

2 thoughts on “DIY Crayon Art

  1. I like this idea. I would take the wrappers off crayons though and cut them maybe in half or thirds. very clever.

  2. i just stumbled upon your blog through Pinterest and i really enjoyed all of your posts. i look foward to following your DIY adventures!!

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