Disney Alaska Cruise Day 7: Victoria, BC, Canada

Day 7: June 17, 2012

Disney Cruise Victoria BC Canada | domesticated-engineer.com

Photo my mom took when docked in Victoria

Our last day… fun, yet sad at the same time with the lingering thought of going back to our normal life. Most of the day was an at sea day; but because we cross through Canadian waters we are required to make a stop there.  I will get to more on this later, first I have to talk about the fact that it was father’s day! Katie and I made these really cute shirts for both of us and our dad. We ended up spending hours in the laundry room trying to get the iron-on material to stick. We finial figured out if we let them cool after ironing they would stick… I wish we had known this in the beginning.

Disney Cruise Father's Day Shirts | domesticated-engineer.com

Katie making our father’s day shirts

Disney Cruise Father's Day Shirts | domesticated-engineer.com

Disney Cruise Father's Day Shirts | domesticated-engineer.com

Our Father’s day shirts. Love how they turned out.

Our mom and dad happened to be up on deck 9 whale watching when we finished the shirts (bundled up head-to-toe because it was chilly).  Katie and I decided to walk around outside with only shirt sleeve shirts, eating ice-cream just because we wanted to show off our shirts. Oh and it was pineapple ice cream! So good!

Disney Cruise Father's Day Shirts | domesticated-engineer.com

Disney Cruise Father's Day Shirts | domesticated-engineer.com

The back of our dad’s shirt.

The whole rest of the day we were finishing up the things we were planning on doing during the week. Katie and I went swimming. Really wish I had done more of this. The water is heated to a really warm, bath water temperature. The horrible part was getting out of the main pool and walking to the hot tub! The air was so cold! We got a lot of funny looks when walking dripping wet in our suits on deck 4; we had to make the trip from forward to aft and didn’t want to do so outside. We ate lunch at Beach Blanket. The buffet line was packed with sea food. I decided to do a dessert only lunch… don’t judge, it was the last day!

Disney Cruise desserts | domesticated-engineer.com

Dessert only lunch… yes please.

Due to the late port this day we had the option of seeing the farewell show early before early dinner seating. The show was called, “Remember the Magic: A Final Farewell” and brings back all the stars from the other night’s shows.  They also show a video, we were really excited because we got filmed to be in it!  My mom, Katie, and I were randomly wandering the ship one of the days when they asked if we would like to be filmed for the video. It was just us saying remember the magic but it was still really exciting! All of our bags had to be packed and put outside of doors before leaving for port. This meant having them done before heading up for dinner because we were leaving straight from there (the boat docks during the first dinner seating). Make sure to save enough room in your carry-on bags that you can put everything you need for that night and the morning in it because everything left in the room after the bags are picked up you have to carry off. At dinner they had a special father’s day cake that they served to all the males at the table. This was an awkward moment for my cousin’s fiancée, Jordan, when he got told Happy Father’s Day. Our waiter then got into a discussion on how all men are fathers. It was kind of fun watching his face.

Disney Cruise Father's Day | domesticated-engineer.com

Father’s day cake

We were in Animators Palate eating from the “‘Till We Meet Again” menu for our last dinner. They ended up doing the show this night because of technical problems the other night we were here. I don’t have a ton of food pictures because of the lights getting too dark for the camera expose.

Disney Alaska Cruise Till We Meet Again menu | domesticated-engineer.com
Disney Cruise Till We Meet Again menu | domesticated-engineer.com

Till We Meet Again menu

Disney Alaska Cruise Food Dungeness Crambmeat Stuffed Tomato | domesticated-engineer.com

Appetizer: Dungeness Crambmeat Stuffed Tomato

Disney Alaska Cruise Food Potato and Leek Soup | domesticated-engineer.com

Soup: Potato and Leek Soup

Disney Alaska Cruise Food Roasted Filet of Beef Wellington | domesticated-engineer.com

Main Course: Roasted Filet of Beef Wellington

Disney Alaska Cruise Food Till We Meet Again menu | domesticated-engineer.com

Till We Meet Again menu

Disney Alaska Cruise Food | domesticated-engineer.com

Can’t remember what this one is

Disney Alaska Cruise Food Celebration Cake | domesticated-engineer.com

Dessert: Celebration Cake

Disney Alaska Cruise Food Baked Alaska | domesticated-engineer.com

Dessert: Baked Alaska

Disney Alaska Cruise Food Birthday Cake | domesticated-engineer.com

My Birthday Cake

As soon as dinner was over we heading off the boat to catch a bus. It was about a 15 min ride to downtown Victoria from where the boat docked.  This is a very short port! We had about two hours total to explore.  This was a very strange port for me being from Seattle. I have been here before and is not that far way. I knew where the ferry station was that could take me home in a few hours. It almost made it feel like my vacation was already over. But if you have never been the Victoria it is a very cute town to walk around, it has a very European feel to it.

Disney Cruise Victoria BC Canada | domesticated-engineer.com

Customs in Canada. All we need was our Key to the World card.

We ended up walking over to the totem poles by the science center. They had a totem pole stake with no totem so all the kids decide to create one for a fun picture.

Disney Cruise Victoria BC Canada | domesticated-engineer.com

Parents posing

Disney Cruise Victoria BC Canada | domesticated-engineer.com

Being a Totem Pole

We then took a walk up the water front and then headed back to the bus because it was already time to head back. One cool thing about this port is that it is already getting dark by the time we got back to the boat. It was neat seeing the boat all lit up.  I really wish I had brought my tripod with to take some pictures!

Disney Cruise Victoria BC Canada | domesticated-engineer.com Disney Cruise Victoria BC Canada | domesticated-engineer.comDisney Cruise Victoria BC Canada | domesticated-engineer.com

Once we got back inside we stuck around the atrium for the “Till We Meet Again Party”. They do a little show on the atrium stairs with all the Disney characters and they all stay after for last minute pictures for anyone you may have missed throughout the week.  They also have the stars of the live shows and a lot of the cruise crew members to say your goodbyes to and snap a few pictures with.

Disney Cruise Wonder | domesticated-engineer.com

Waiting for the show to start. You can see the security check still set up for people coming back from port.

Disney Cruise Wonder | domesticated-engineer.com

We then headed down for one last night of adult-only fun at Wave Bands.  The entertainment staff did a pub skit of “If I Were Not Upon the Sea”. You must not miss this, especial if you have gotten to know the staff over the week, very funny and a lot of fun to watch. We ended the night watching some more Disney movies in our stateroom. I really wish my tv at home had multiple Disney movies playing at one time! Our towel creature was not really a creature this night but here is the picture anyways.

Disney Cruise towel folding | domesticated-engineer.com

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  1. Wow! LOVED reading your blog posts about your Alaska Disney cruise!!! I totally don’t know you and I just found this when Google-searching for pictures of the Disney Wonder. Thank you for all the details and helpful tips!! The hubs and I just booked our first-ever cruise and it’s on the Disney Wonder headed to Alaska. :-) We’ll have our 13-month-old baby with us so it will be a little different, but I bookmarked your blog and plan on referencing it a ton over the next couple weeks. (It sounds like you say the pools are great to swim in, even though it’s really cold outside?) Any other big tips? Feel free to email me if you have more thoughts you want to share. Thanks again for your blog!

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