Disney Alaska Cruise: Day 2

Day 2:June 12, 2012

Our second day at sea consisted of naps (the boat just rocks you to sleep), bingo (we didn’t win {insert sad face here}), Disney movies on our stateroom TV, shuffle board, Disney trivia, and lots of food! I know what you are thinking, shuffle board, bingo, and naps? Yes, we were living the dreams of old people everywhere and loved every minute of it.

Shuffle board on deck 4.

There are so many planned activates on the ship that you can’t do everything. I was concerned about having too much down time because of the cold weather and not being able to play in the sun but this was never a problem for us. I actually wish I gave myself more down time throughout the cruise.

Everyone receives a navigator in their stateroom at night with a time table of the next day activities. The activities director also lists some activities over the PA system in the common areas (hallways mostly) throughout the day.  Every time he did this I was reminded of the movie Dirty Dancing when the actives were being announced through the mega phone.

Bethany and I having a drink with Belle. I love how the drink matches her dress.

Dinner on the second night was the Golden Mickey’s (aka formal night). They hold the Captain’s gala before dinner this night.  This is one of the few times they give out free alcohol drinks on the cruise; we definitely took advantage of this one.  If you look at all under 21, I recommend bring a second form of ID other than your key-to-the-world card.  Katie had a lot of problems getting drinks even though she is 21.

My parents all dressed up for the Golden Mickey’s

We were seated in Tritons this night. They were serving off the Golden Mickey’s menu.

The Golden Mickey’s Dinner Menu

Sangria Bisque: all the cold soups were amazing!

Oven-roasted Tom Turkey Breast

Oven-roasted Duckling

Golden Mickey’s Dessert Menu

Baked Apple and Blueberry Pithiviers

Golden Mickey’s Sweet Temptations

We ended up being late to the Golden Mickey’s show that night because we went for round two of free drinks for the second dinner seating. By the time we got to the show they were out of seats so we had to sit/stand on the side steps. Because we had no kids in the group, I feel like the free drinks were worth it. If you have kids or it is your first time on the cruise I would recommend getting to the Golden Mickey’s early. They have it all set up to make it feel like you are walking the red carpet to the theater.

Alcohol on the cruise… 

I feel like there is no better time than now to talk about it (if you don’t plan on going on this cruise or don’t care about drinking you can skip the rest of this blog post). First of all you can carry on as much alcohol as you would like, as long as it fits in your carry-on bag. You must be 21 or older to carry alcohol on. Just keep in mind you have to carry this bag around with you when you board.

The alcohol you carry-on is for consumption in your stateroom, but they don’t send people around smelling your drinks. Just don’t be incoherently drunk when around the ship with your own drinks and you will be fine.  We brought our own water bottles and mugs to keep our drinks in. This is essential if you want to make mixed drinks and is just a more efficient way of carrying pop / juice (alcohol or not) during non-dining times.  I would also recommend bringing a shot glass to help gage how big your pours into the non-see through glasses are. Oh and for the occasional shot with Walt.

Cheers to Walt!

The pop machine on deck nine has a limited selection of non-pop options for mixers (pink lemonade and fruit punch). We ended up getting more mixers by asking our wait staff after dinner for juices to go. They were happy to do this for us and filled up disposable cups with pineapple and cranberry juice. They also gave us a cup of cherries too, which we infused with alcohol (we had a fridge in our room for medical reasons, so we had a place to keep the cherries).

On the cold day sailing through Tracy Arm we went through a whole bottle of Baily’s adding it to our hot chocolates.  We ended up picking up a new bottle at the first port.

This is not what you want to look like while drinking your spiked hot chocolate.

I have to say this too. It you don’t want to go through the trouble of concealing your drinks like you are an underage college kid, the drink prices on the ship are not the extreme. They are very comparable to a bar in Seattle (where I live). I think the beers started at $3.50 and the fancy mixed drinks were around $8. They make the drinks really strong too, at least the one I bought.

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