Blue Mismatched Chairs

Nothing looks homier than mismatched chairs around a farmhouse table.  As soon as we started building our farmhouse table we started making trips to thrift stores to find the perfect chairs. We had a goal to find five random style chairs to go around three sides of our table; the forth side will have a bench when it is complete.

Here is the line up of the chairs we collected:

A.      Value Village, $24.99 (the king’s chair as Alex likes to call it)
B.      Goodwill Outlet, $1.99
C.      Value Village, $9.99 (the boring common chair)
D.      Value Village, $14.99
E.      Goodwill, $24.99 (My favorite! Has a placard on the back for Cook County Court house)

I had planned on painting all the chairs with the gallon of Teal Zeal Behr paint I had bought, but after hand painting on the 2–3 coats of primer I got very impatient. I decided to go to the store and buy spray paint. The problem I have with spray paint was there a limited selection of colors. I ended up painting the chairs Rust-OLEUM’s Satin lagoon. This ended up being very bright. I think the color is growing on me, but it is very overwhelming at first sight.

Painting Mismatched Thrift Store Chairs

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in any means on painting. This is my first paint project. I referenced a couple of great blogs for information to get me started: Someday Crafts & i create…. with love.


  1. Zinsser Bulls Eye 1 2 3 primer
  2. 5 cans of Rust-OLEUM’s Satin lagoon spray paint
  3. 1 can clear coat
  4. 3 – 1″ foam brushes
  5. 3″ Paint rollers
  6. Thrift store chairs

 Cost of Materials

  1. Lowe’s $8.98
  2. Home Depot $3.87 each
  3. Lowe’s $4.98
  4. Lowe’s .69 each
  5. Lowe’s $3.57
  6. Total for all 5 = $77

Total Cost = $115

I started by wiping all the chairs clean with a damp rag. I also removed anything that was stuck on the chairs. In particular, I worked on chair C forever because I think the chair got in a fight with a bottle of glue at some point in its life.

Side note: One cool tip I got from good old Martha, was to put nails into the end of each chair leg. This raises the chairs off the ground and makes it easier to get the paint all the way down to the bottom

After the chairs were clean and dry my sister (who was visiting for spring break) and I, using a paint roller, applied a layer of  Zinsser Bulls Eye 1 2 3 primer. We used a sponge brush to work primer into the nooks and crannies of the chairs. The great thing about this primer is you don’t have to sand the chairs before! This saved me so much time.

Be careful to catch and smooth out drips when painting on the primer.  I applied 2-3 coats of primer to the chairs depending on the original color (the black on took 3 coats, the white took 2).

Next came the waiting game for a nice clear day in Seattle to spray paint.  Yes, those do happen!

I spray painted 2 coats of paint onto each chair waiting an hour between each coat.

There was also another trip to home depot between coats because I seriously misjudged how much paint it would take.  I would recommend at least one can per chair.

After the paint was dry I topped the chairs off with 3 coats of a clear coat protector.

I am playing around with the idea of adding a white glaze to the chairs. I am hoping this will help tone the color down a little bit. I am just concerned with how well it will work because I already put a clear coat over the paint. I really need help deciding. Please add comments and let me know what you think! Should I change the color, try out a dark or light glaze or keep it as is? Keep in mind the real to the eye color is a little darker then the pictures. I think the chairs  have a touch more green in the actual to the eye color. I couldn’t capture this color on camera

Thanks for reading

8 thoughts on “Blue Mismatched Chairs

  1. I think the color looks great! My suggestion to break up the intensity would be to get some cushions – maybe in different prints? or neutral? that way the chairs get more comfy AND you get a little break in the pow! Great job!! Here’s a few that looked like they could work.

  2. Actually, I think the blue looks gorgeous. Rugs and cushions would certainly dress it up, but I think it works since the rest of the colors in the room look pretty neutral.

  3. I am in love with the Lagoon blue! I have painted an old farmhouse chair in it and then used a black glaze. I love these chairs that you have just as they are but I don’t think you could go wrong if you chose to use a white glaze either :) Good job! Oh and by the way…………your house is so stinking CUTE!

  4. I love the colors, its amazing how purple is my all time fav color but i hardly paint anything Purple lol. stop by and say hello, your chairs are featured on my blog. By the way I love using the blues in a can. :)

  5. I am actually using this color as an accent in my living room. I have done an end table in this, but have distressed it so a little white and black pop through the blue. This weekend I will be working on a chair in this color. However I am using a cushion, which will help tone the over powering look of so much blue! I love it though! Great work!

  6. Hi Sarah. I am stopping by from the SITS Tribe building challenge to say hello. I love your idea of mismatched chairs. Your choice of color made them all cohesive. The newly painted chairs are gorgeous.

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