New Camera Lens!

I got a new camera lens! I ended up getting a used Nikon 50mm 1.4D. I had planned on getting a Nikon 50mm 1.8G on my trip into the camera store but after I found out the lens was on backorder I tried out the used 1.4D lens they had for sale. So far I am very happy with my decision!

Take a look at a few pictures I took today. The first one was taken in a shaded corner of our backyard at sunset. The other two of the pets (my models for the night) were taken in really low light in our living room at night. My old lens would have never been able to take a picture in this low of light without a flash.

All pictures were shot with my Nikon D200.

F-stop = f/2
Exposure time = 1/80 sec.
ISO speed = 200

F-stop = f/1.4
Exposure time = 1/30 sec.
ISO speed = 800

F-stop = f/1.4
Exposure time = 1/15 sec.
ISO speed = 800

I can’t wait to take more pictures with this lens!

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