Groundhog Day Cupcakes

Happy Groundhog Day… well, a month late but better than never.

Every year a group of our friends throws a Groundhog Day party. This party includes a talent portion. Talents range from dancing and sing to prank joke calls all having a groundhogs day theme.  This year my talent was cupcake making. As you can see from the pictures I made a little groundhog popping out of some of my cupcakes. They turned out to be a hit and a very yummy one at that.

The cupcake was an Oreo cupcake with cream cheese frosting that I found on Annie’s Eats. The only recommendation I would have for this recipe is to separate the cookies for the bottom of the cupcakes first before chopping the others. I had a lot of cookies break on me.  I guess I am not an Oreo separator pro. I think this means I need to eat more Oreos for practice.

It was really fun seeing everyone excitement when they found the cookie at the bottom of the cupcake. I will be making these again at some point, hopefully soon.  I will make sure to take better pictures of the inside of the cupcake next time.

I found the model for my cupcakes on Disney Family Fun website.  They were almost too cute to eat!


  1. Baked cupcake
  2. Almond Joy candy (1 bar makes 2)
  3. Green frosting
  4. White jelly beans (I used Jelly Belly Jelly Beans)
  5. Black decorators’ gel
  6. Watermelon slice candy (I used sour patch)
  7. Brown M&M’s Mini*
  8. Chocolate cookies (I used the discarded halves of the Oreos from the cupcakes)

 Body Parts

  1. Base
  2. Body
  3. Grass (because Seattle lacks of snow)
  4. Eyes and tooth
  5. Eye balls and glue
  6. nose
  7. Cheeks and ears
  8. Dirt

* Mini M&M’s are not in every store.  I ended up finding mine at a CVS.  You can use a store location on to find a store near you.  Also make sure to buy more than one pack of these. This was my limiting factor to making more of these cute little guys.


  1.  Remove a piece of cake that is the width of an Almond Joy candy from the center of the baked cupcake. Spread a layer of frosting around the hole of the top of the cupcake. Sprinkle the cookie crumbs around the hole.
  2. For the groundhog’s eyes, trim the ends from a white jelly bean, stick them in place with frosting, and then dot them with black decorators’ gel. Add a tiny triangle cut from a watermelon slice candy for a nose, brown M&M’s Minis for ears (just press them into the soft candy) and cheeks, and a tiny rectangular piece of white jelly bean for teeth.  Let the groundhogs dry.
  3. Set the candy upright in the cupcake hole.

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