Heart String Pallet Art

After last year’s Christmas gifts my brother made a request that I make gifts for him every year. This would be so much easier if I lived within driving distance. Trying to figure out a homemade gift that will travel well is hard.

I have wanted to try to make string art for a while now so I decided to combine that with staining pallet wood. I decided to try to stain my bother and sister-in-law’s wedding date in the center and weave a string art heart around it.

I still had pallet wood left from the pellet I used for the Robot in the Rain pellet art that I had made months before. I loved how the wood had weathered on the side of our house.

Heart String Pallet Art with Wedding Date

String art 1




Start by cutting the pallet wood down to the desired size. I like cutting mine on the outside of the center nail holes. Lightly sand the pallet wood so it is not splintering. Layout the pallet wood with the good side down.

Cut down two scrap pieces of wood to use to attach the pallet wood together. Make them a little shorter than the height of the pallet wood when assembled.  Install hooks to the inside tops of both wood piece (this will be used to sting wire to hang the art).

String art 2

Lay the recently cut pieces on top of the bad side of the pallet wood with the hooks on the top facing inside. Pre drill pilot holes to cut down on the cracking of the wood. Using screws attach the pallet wood together. Make sure to use a proper length screw, it should be long enough to go into the pallet but not out the front. I recommend two screws in each side of each board. This makes it very sturdy.

String art 3

Now it is time to start working on the staining of the pallet. Start with figuring out the size of the font for the wedding date.  Using the silhouette studio software create the desired text and print onto adhesive vinyl. Weed the outsides of the text. With a ruler figure out the best alignment.

String art 4

Use transfer paper to stick the text to the pallet. Make sure all edges are stuck down. Pull away the transfer paper.

String art 5

String art 6

Next, with a rag, lightly wipe wood stain onto the pallet wood and over the adhesive vinyl.

String art 7

String art 8

After a couple of minutes peel away the adhesive vinyl.

Let the stain dry overnight.

The next step is to make the heart stencil. First, measure the size you want the heart to be. Make the heart in the silhouette studio program to the correct size. Set to paper size to 12 by 12. The full heart will not fit onto the one sheet. What I did was print it in four sections. Load the 12 by 12 paper on a cutting mat into the machine and set the blade to number one. This will leave a mark but will not cut through the paper. After the four parts of the heart are cut, use a maker to trace over the mark to make it more visible (you could also you the pen or maker attachment if you have one). Using tape, panel together the four pieces of the heart. The stencil is then ready to be used.

Align the stencil over the stained side of the pallet. Tape down the sides to keep it in place.

Using a ruler mark off equal distance stops were the nails will be placed. Beware of the spaces between the wood pieces. Also make sure to make a mark the bottom point and the top dip point.

Next make a pilot hole for the nails. This will make it really easy the hammer the nails into place. Use a drill bit that has a little bit smaller diameter then the nails that are being used. Optional: Use electrical tape on the drill bit as a guide to help me keep a constant depth throughout the whole project.

Once the holes are made hammer the nails into place.

After all the nails are in rip away the stencil.

The last part is to create the string art. Start this by tying the end of the string to one of the nails. Put the string and loop it around another nail. Be careful to not cover up the wedding date in the center but to equally fill all of the heart.

After the heart is full of string tie off the end on a nail. The last and final step is to apply a few drops of super glue to both tied off knots and cut the tail.

This would also make a great wedding gift or wedding decor too.

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